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Continuous Fencing

Our continuous fencing is not only rugged and strong, but an attractive, eye-pleasing addition to your farm or ranch. They are offered in 20′ sections and in various heights ranging from four to seven horizontal bars. All standard fencing has six solid ¾” rod vertical supports for superior strength, while we also offer a panel with four solid ¾” rod.

Patented in 1974 by Linn Post & Pipe Supply founder, Emil Peters

Continuous connection Patent No. 406 754 7

continuous fencing
Continuous Fencing

Panel Sizes

4 bar 14 inch fencing
4 Bar – 14″ Spacing
5 bar fencing
5 Bar – 10.25″ Spacing
6 bar fencing
6 Bar – 8″ Spacing
7 bar fencing
7 Bar – 8″ Spacing


Features & Options

Mounting Clips
Mounting Clips






solid brace
3/4 Solid Brace


Closed Ends
Closed Ends


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fencing brochure
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